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Officers of Sackville Lodge #137, 2017-2018

Worshipful Master W.Bro. Timothy J. Patton worshipfulmaster@sackville137.ca
Senior Warden Bro. R.G. MacDougal seniorwarden@sackville137.ca
Junior Warden Bro. C.C. Goodwin juniorwarden@sackville137.ca
Treasurer Bro. T.R. Anderson treasurer@sackville137.ca
Secretary Bro. N.C. Guitard secretary@sackville137.ca
Historian W.Bro. T.E. Wallace, PM historian@sackville137.ca
Chaplain Bro. M.R. Martin chaplain@sackville137.ca
Director of Ceremonies R.W. Bro. C.P. Merrick doc@sackville137.ca
Senior Deacon Bro. D.R. Gosse seniordeacon@sackville137.ca
Junior Deacon Bro. R.E. Janes juniordeacon@sackville137.ca
Marshal R.W.Bro. F.E. Veinot, PDDGM marshal@sackville137.ca
Organist Bro. J.L. Balcom organist@sackville137.ca
Inner Guard Bro. D.J Borden innerguard@sackville137.ca
Senior Steward Bro. J.C. Mackenzie seniorsteward@sackville137.ca
Junior Steward Bro. J.G. Hoskins juniorsteward@sackville137.ca
Tyler Bro. W.G. Cooke tyler@sackville137.ca
Immediate Past Master W.Bro. D.J.S O'Connell, PM ipm@sackville137.ca

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